Why you will be using reef friendly sun protection products in the future

You are in the throes of summer, alone or with your entire family. Summer is out in a big way and the temperatures are soaring at a phenomenal rate. Maybe you have heard the often repeated phrases from your local weather bureaus that ‘this is going to be the hottest year since temperatures were first recorded’. But this does not alarm you too much. After all, you have already taken every precaution to safeguard you and your family’s skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

But imagine strolling down to your favorite beachfront or wharf one hot summer’s day. Imagine reaching the tip of the roaring ocean’s waters only to find that the shoreline no longer looks as pristine as it always used to, year in and year out. There is no longer any sturdy green seaweed lapping your ankles as you dip your toes into the water. The water itself is an unbearable sight. A sight for sore eyes as you begin to notice that the coral reef there has been scalded by the sun’s rays.

If only it could have had its own sunscreen, you surmise. But this is what gives you a jolt. This is what gets your immediate attention. This is why you will be using reef friendly sunscreen in the future. The sun has done its damaging work for the year. But what about you? The moment you step into your favorite water, you, yourself, are doing immediate damage to that precious coral reef of yours. How is this possible, you may be wondering?

Listen to this; see that sunscreen you’ve been wearing all this time. It is loaded with harmful chemicals that forcefully applies immediate damage to your coral reefs.

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